Videoed in the seated position, at the desk of a full-time Software Developer.

Noisy Network Cabinet Software Developer Desk

Effects on Software Development...

The room with the noisy network cabinet had three employees (1 part-time and 2 full-time Software Developers).

Prior to the installation of an additional noisier telephone switch the Chief Executive, who had spent only 10 minutes in the programming room, asked both full-time Software Developers...

"Does that noise not drive you insane"

It was explained that we were waiting for the Programming Manager to address the problem.

From: Software Developer
Sent: 20th August 2009 11:05
To: HR
Subject: Noisy Network Cabinet

Hi HR,

We have had a new telephone switch put in our room yesterday (19th August 2009).

Instead of replacing the previous noisy switch with a quieter one, the problem has been compounded by the installation of an additional noisier switch for the telephone system.

The db and acoustics are well above acceptable tolerance.

As a result, it is extremely distracting and causing us headaches and we are having difficulty concentrating on our programming work.

Software Developer

From: Programming Manager
Sent: 20th August 2009 11:49
To: Software Developer, HR
Subject: RE: Noisy Network Cabinet


This is undoubtedly an unacceptable problem and both the Breed Services Executive and I have already spoken to the IT Manager about it - we are awaiting his ideas.

I realise that moving the box is not a quick or easy job but clearly we need a quick short term solution especially as it is producing headaches.

Programming Manager

In the time that followed, the noisy network cabinet remained un-addressed and continued to affect Software Development. During this time the Programming Manager moved one of the full-time Software Developers closer to the noisy network cabinet.

From: IT Manager
Sent: 26th October 2009 16:27
To: Staff
Subject: Disruption to network services
Importance: High


Work is to be carried out on Wednesday 28th October 2009 to replace a network cabinet on our Company network. This will involve disconnecting the data/voice connections to a selection of desktops/laptops and telephones.

IT Manager

It had taken 70 days to address this Undoubtedly Unacceptable problem which had been Producing Headaches.

During this period, the
Breed Services Executive, the Programming Manager and a full-time MS SQL 2000 Developer resided in a room un-affected by the noisy network cabinet.

Constructive Dismissal